Interactive fiction concepts

I wanted to share a few concept locations and characters that I am designing for my interactive fiction. I’m coding the game prototype in Lua and have the story develop in a sci-fi horror setting illustrated with a bleak atmosphere.

As I explore the background events and overarching plot I find it engaging to visualize areas, locations and persons of interest at an early stage. Even as the details change over time this process adds fuel to the storybuilding where I am able to test out ideas to see how they fit into the larger narrative.

While I will rework these illustrations further on to fit the exact situations that will occur during the player’s journey, defining the atmosphere and narrowing down the variety of possibilities help me tying the project together. Once an idea is visualized the opportunity to iterate and expand upon the thread of imagination from there is opened up.

I have been in the process of revising the game code structure a bit and will share some of the code further on when I have sufficient time. Mainly I have centralized the data access to ease future code changes and reduce method dependencies.


Image link: Laboratory – [1200 x 675]

Arches of the past

Image link: Arches of the past – [1200 x 675]


Image link: Remnants – [1200 x 675]

Character concept

Image link: Character concept – [1200 x 675]


Image link: Landingsite – [1200 x 675]

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